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1-1 I like meeting people face to face. Why should I look for love online?

No two people are exactly the same. Some use online dating services because they feel safer than they would visiting singles bars, some don't want to be limited to eligible singles near where they live, others are tired of waiting for that chance meeting that leads to something more, and others are simply curious and want to try it out. Whatever your reasons for using our service, at Kissyou.com you can get started on the path to finding that special someone--easily, quickly, and most importantly, for free.

1-2 Does online dating really work?

Perhaps you should ask the more than 1,000,000 people who met that special someone last year online. And you know how all those happy endings got started? It all begins by adding your profile. You've waited long enough for happiness.

1-3 Is online dating safe?

Online dating is no more or less safe than any other kind of dating. Just use the same common sense that should be used in any dating situation. Most importantly, if you do choose to meet face to face, meet in a safe, public place, and make sure you're not feeling pressured.

1-4 What are the odds of meeting someone I'm interested in on Kissyou.com?

Neither dating nor love is as predictable as your question implies. However, hundreds of thousands of people people meet that special someone online every year. But at the same time, it's not a roulette wheel. It takes some effort on your part. You have to be noticed to be successful, and you have to be seen to be noticed. So start by adding your profile now.

1-5 How much does it cost to become a subscriber?

Currrently, you can become a Kissyou.com subscriber completely free of charge. And if you are one of the first 100 to subscribe, your subscription will be completely free of charge for life. However, Kissyou.com reserves the right to at any time begin charging new subscribers a monthly fee for their subscriptions.

1-6 Relationships are a two-way street. What's in it for me if I become a subscriber?

Subscribing is your "all access" pass to all of our members, and is our most successful way to meet people. While "registered" members can send Flirts and search for people, subscribers actually get to email and connect with their matches. So subscribe now to get started on your own happy ending.

1-7 Okay, I am convinced! How do I subscribe?

Very easily. Just click here and begin by registering. Then you will be presented with the option of "subscribing".

1-8 What is the status of my subscription?

You can view the status of your subscription any time by just logging in. The status of your subscription will be displayed right at the top of the page just above your profile.

1-9 Kissyou.com does work, and I found my match! How do I cancel my subscription?

Congratulations! That means we're doing our job. To cancel your registration and/or subscription, just click on the Contact link at the top of any page, and send us a message letting us know what you want to do. We will discontinue your registration and/or subscription immediately. We of course wish you the best, but if things don't work out, you know where to find us.

1-10 When can I email other members?

You can email other members, whether you're initiating or replying, as soon as you subscribe. Click here to learn about subscriptions.

1-11 You can call it shy. I call it mysterious. How do I remain anonymous?

What happens at Kissyou.com stays at Kissyou.com. We use a double-blind email system to preserve your privacy. First, when you initiate contact by sending an email from within Kissyou.com, your email address is replaced by our email address in the email that is sent out over the web, and by your user name within Kissyou.com. And when you respond to an email through Kissyou.com, your real email address is replaced with your username. The bottom line is that your real email address NEVER appears on our website, nor in any email that you send, for others to see.

1-12 Where do I receive emails from other members?

All emails from other members are sent to the email address you provided when you registered. A copy is also retained for viewing in your Kissyou.com Mailbox and will remain there until you choose to delete it.

1-13 I just want to search for people. Why should I create a Profile?

You're here to meet people and a Profile helps you do that. Filling out a Profile will allow us to find members who are right for you, and make sure you're right for them. You'll also be able to start "flirting" with members who strike your fancy. Not to mention, it's the only way other members can find you. So what have you got to lose, besides more nights cuddling with your pillow? Post your Profile right now!

1-14 How do I create a Profile?

To create your Profile, just log in and click on the Edit Profile link. It's fun, quick, and easy. And remember, no one likes a boring Profile. Have some fun with it. Be creative. You're here to meet people, so make them want to meet you. This is also where you can add up to 5 photos to your Profile, which gets members up to 15 times more attention. Finally, whenever you're finished hyping yourself up, just hit the "Submit Changes" button. So post your best pics. Be creative. But keep it clean. Our Customer Care team reviews every Profile and photo (yes, even yours) before they're viewable on the site. So it might take anywhere from 24-48 hours before your new Profile is available for viewing. We'll let you know via email after it's been reviewed and approved.

1-15 How do I update or edit my Profile after it's been posted?

Edit your Profile whenever you want by logging in and clicking on Edit Profile at the top of the right column. After you've finished properly reflecting your life changes, just hit "Submit Changes", give our Customer Care team time to review it (within 48 hours), and you're good to go.

1-16 Can I hide my Profile so other members can't see it?

You can take a break by hiding your Profile at any time. Just log in and select the Hide Profile checkbox at the top of any page. But remember…you never know when that one perfect match might be looking for you!

1-17 Looks aren't everything. Why should I post a photo to my Profile?

Say what you will, but guys are 14 times more likely to look at a Profile with a photo. Women are 8.5 times more likely to look at your Profile if you have a pic. And members with photos get up to 15 times more attention than those without one. So you can be nice and funny or you can be nice, funny, and get more attention by adding your photo today.

1-18 I'm looking pretty good. How do I add a photo to my Portrait, and show the world what they're missing?

Add your photos when you first register, or log in and click on the Manage Photos link in the right column. Either way, just upload your photo(s) directly from your computer. If your photos are approved (remember, fun but clean), they will be posted. Be sure to crop and edit them before uploading. And we get a lot of photos. So it could take up to 72 hours for your photo to appear on your Profile.

1-19 How do I send a Flirt to let a person know I'm interested?

Don't worry, we'll help you break out of that shell. Send a Flirt by clicking the "Send A Flirt" HotLips icon in right column of the member's Profile page. You can even choose from a selection of short by decidedly "clever" messages to include with your "Flirt", such as "Wow, did it hurt falling from heaven" or "Nice Profile, Want to See Mine?" They'll instantly know you'd like to know them better. Remember, your Profile has to be visible to send a Flirt. Now go get ‘em, Tiger.

1-20 What is the Kissyou.com Flirt email I received? And why am I blushing?

You should be flattered. Every day, we email you a list of members who have "flirted" with you in the past 24 hours, letting you know that they're interested in you. If you want to stroke your ego and to look at all the "flirts" you've received at any time, log in and click on the "View Flirts" link in the right column of your My Account page. If you are a subscriber, you can even reply to the "Flirt" with "Flirt" of your own, or tell the sender that you are "Not Interested."

1-21 How do I change my username, password or email address?

Once you have registered, your username cannot be changed unless you discontinue your registration and then reregister with a different username. So choose your username carefully when you first start out. Remember, first impressions count! However, any of your other profile information, including your email address can be changed at any time by just logging in and clicking on the Edit Profile or Edit Match links from the right column of the My Account section.

1-22 What is the difference between searching and matching?

The short answer is this: Searching is done by you, and looks for a member with certain characteristics, location, age, etc. Matching is done by us, and matches you with another member based on what you both have told us you're looking for. Now for the detailed answer.

When you perform a search, you are specifying what types of members you want to see. We have many different kinds of searches available, including:
Quick search: The fastest way to see who's available based on gender, age, and geographic location.
Advanced search: Narrow your results by specifying what physical characteristics, lifestyle, background and values you want your match to have.
Keyword search: Find people with interests similar to yours by entering a keyword (ex: kayaking, travel, Dallas Cowboys) in this search. We'll find members who used that word in the "About me and My Matches" section of their Profile.
Personals Name search: Locate profiles for specific members by search for their Personals Name.

You can also save searches so that you can quickly get the newest results with just one click. Just look for the "Save Search" button on the right-hand side of the page whenever you perform a search.

Matching, on the other hand, also takes into account who you are. When you post a Profile, you provide certain information about yourself as well as about the kind of person you are looking for. We can use this information to find those members who meet your criteria for a match, and who also have specified that they are looking for someone like you. Remember, you must have a Profile posted in order to use our Matching technology. If you've asked to receive Kissyou.com matches by eMail, we'll send your new matches to your email address daily.

1-23 I signed up but then when I went back a few weeks later, my login information did not work. What happened?

If you sign up, but do not enter at least a partial profile within two weeks, we reserve the right to terminate your membership. We do this in order to maintain the integrity of the search process for our active members. Active members should not have to wade through dozens of blank or largely incomplete profiles when searching for a match. Note: we will not terminate your membership for not adding a photo, only if you do not add at least a partial profile.

1-24 How does Kissyou.com protect my privacy?

Relationships are private. We plan to keep it that way. All of the communication on Kissyou.com is private, secure and anonymous -- we will never share your email address, phone number or any personal contact information with any other member.

1-25 Will I still be able to send email to other members if I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to send emails through the duration of your subscription. For example, if you subscribe for one month on February 1st and you cancel on February 15th of the same year, you will be able to send email until March 1st.

1-26 Can I still sign in if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course. We welcome you to sign in even though you've canceled your Kissyou.com subscription.

1-27 If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to receive and respond to email?

Receiving email is free; you can receive responses even if you have never subscribed to Kissyou.com. However, you must be a subscriber to respond to email or initiate a conversation with other Kissyou.com members.

1-28 What happens to my Profile if I cancel my registration?

When you cancel your "registration", we immediately hide your Profile and photos from other members. When this happens, your Profile will no longer appear in any searches. Should you wish to reactivate your Profile within 30 days, all you have to do is sign in and make your Profile visible again. When you cancel only your "subscription", your Profile and photos remain visible and appear in applicable searches until you decide to hide them.

1-29 I want to see who has sent me an email – what do I do?

Subscribers can access emails by clicking the "View Messages" link on the My Account page. From that page, you will be able to access the email and Profile of the person who sent you the email.

1-30 What information is contained in the Kissyou.com newsletter?

The Kissyou.com newsletter is devoted to enhancing your love life. We're here to give you advice and opinions that will help you date better and make your relationships more satisfying…and to support you through the inevitable ups and downs of romance.

1-31 How do I receive the Kissyou.com newsletter?

When you register, you will be given the option of joining the mailing list for the Kissyou.com newsletter. Or, at any time, you can click on the Newsletter link at the bottom of any page and sign up. Subscribing to the newsletter is entirely optional, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

1-32 How do I unsubscribe to the Kissyou.com newsletter?

Just log in and click on Edit Profile. Locate the Site Newsletter checkbox just below the Zip Code area, and remove the checkmark from the box.

1-33 How do I stop receiving Weekly Matches by eMail?

Just log in and click on the Edit Profile link. Locate the Weekly Match Email checkbox just below the Site Newsletter checkbox. Remove the check from the Weekly Match Email box.

1-34 How do I tell someone I'm not interested?

For email messages, just reply with the simple but polite message "Sorry, I am not Interested" or compose your own message (be nice about it--the same thing could happen to you someday!). That way, the sender knows for certain you're not interested and can move on to other matches that are more suited for them. For Flirts, just reply with the "Sorry, Not Interested" canned response. In any event, we recommend that you do respond, rather than just not replying at all. That way the sender at least knows for sure you got the message and will be less likely to send it a dozen more times just to make sure.

1-35 What are my favorites?

Favorites are the Personals names and Profiles of the members you like most.

1-36 How do I add a member to my favorites?

Visit the member's Profile, and click on the "Save Profile" link in the Right Column.

1-37 Can I send a copy of a profile to someone else?

Yes. Just visit the member's Profile and click on the Send Profile link in the right column. You will then be shown a form where your enter your friend's name, email address, a subject, and a short message. Then, when you click on the Submit Button, the email will be sent to your friend with the profile (and photos) attached.

1-38 Do I have to subscribe in order to create Favorites or Send Profiles to others?

No, but you must register before you can do either of these things.

1-39 Why does Kissyou.com not allow some words to be used in Profiles?

We do not allow words that are offensive, illegal, or that might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of members in accordance with our terms of use.

1-40 What are Kissyou.com's Profile guidelines?

We may reject basic Portraits that contain any of the following:
Abusive language of any kind, including vulgarity, racism, illegal activity, etc.
Any direct contact information, including email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses, etc.
Unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked material
Business or political advertisements or solicitations
Foreign languages (To effectively monitor Portraits, we require our members to write in English)
Material that exploits or solicits personal information from individuals under the age of 18
Overt solicitation for sex or descriptions of sexual activity, anatomy, etc.
Solicitation of multiple or additional partners
Kissyou.com does not accept content from:
Incarcerated individuals
Individuals under the age of 18
Married individuals who are not separated.
In addition, if you join and initiate the process of completing a profile, but that profile remains largely incomplete for at least two weeks, we reserve the right to remove that profile and cancel your membership.

1-41 Why am I not getting very many responses?

If you don't have a photo, add one today. Statistics prove that Profiles with photos are up to 15 times more likely to receive attention than Profiles without. And, if you have not fully completed your Profile, you probably should do so. The more information you provide, the better. Also be sure you're checking for responses at the email address you gave us when you signed up. If you're not receiving any responses at all, you may have a "Anti - Spam" sofware in place that is preventing our messages from reaching you.

1-42 What are the guidelines for posting a photo?

Kissyou.com is committed to providing our members with a secure, comfortable environment. We reserve the right to crop or reject any photo at our discretion. Photos will not appear on the site until they are approved by Customer Care. Please adhere to the following photo guidelines:

Image files must be received in an approved format and may not exceed 200KB.

You must appear in the primary photo.

Nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive photos will not be posted.

Copyrighted material will not be posted.

Photos of others, e.g., celebrities, which are clearly not photos of you, will not be posted.

1-43 If I am having problems with another member, what should I do?

Contact us immediately and provide as many details as possible. We will investigate the matter and, if necessary, discontinue the registration and/or subscription of the offending party, and block them from re-registering. We are serious about this, folks! If you create problems, we WILL BOOT YOU OFF our website.

1-44 How many photos can I add?

You can add up to 5 photos. They should probably be in either .jpg/.jpeg or .gif format and be under 200KB each.

1-45 Why am I not getting very many search results?

There are several ways to increase the number of search results you receive. Check the basic criteria in your search. Is your search radius too narrow? Is your age range too tight? In other words, don't be so picky.

1-46 I forgot my username / password. How can I find out what it is?

On every page, just below the brown Login Box , there is a link called "Forget Password? Click Here?". Just click on that link, and enter your email address (the one you provided with you registered) and Press Submit. Your username and password will be immediately emailed to you at that email address.

1-47 What is a poll?

Periodically, we will be offering a short "poll" on fun topics you may find interesting--all related to dating and relationships--of course. To see the latest poll, just click on the Poll link at the bottom of any page. You can even view the results live online 24/7.

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